Math Homework Maker 1.0

Math Homework Maker 1.0: Math Homework Maker,is a FREE software which can solve all your math homework Homework Maker, is a FREE software which can solve all your Math homework. If you are a pupil or a student, needing help with your math homework or just want to check them, Then you must have this software. The Math Homework Maker covers everything you need, from elementary school up to college. Among other things it covers: Conversion: Fraction, Improper Fractions, Decimal fractions. Operators On Fractions: [ add , subtraction, multiplication, division

NoProb Planner 2.1: NoProb Planner allows students to quickly and easily organize their homework.
NoProb Planner 2.1

homework planner application that helps you manage all of your homework for each of your classes. With reminders, weekly and monthly views, and much more, staying on top of your homework has never been easier. Best of all, it`s no problem to use to the fullest! Features: - Reminders - Weekly and monthly overviews of your homework tasks - Importing/Exporting data for backup purposes - Customizable background - Export dates to Microsoft Word or Notepad

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StudyMinder Homework System 4.2: Take control and get it done with this powerful student planner
StudyMinder Homework System 4.2

Homework System has dozens of features for managing homework that are not available in a general purpose software planner: - Track assignments, tests and quizzes, even large projects - See all assignments at a glance - by class, day and week - List assignments by completion date, estimated time, status, type and more - Be reminded about upcoming assignments and projects - Displays the amount of time needed to study for each assignment - View total

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eWork 1.6

Homework sucks. We know. That`s what made us decide to create eWork, the first program of its kind. Say goodbye to bad homework and hello to eWork. Contains hundreds of homework resources, and a built-in essay search. Check out the other features: - Notes on over 210 books (Perfect for helping you with that book you`re reading for english! - Essay Search - Need help with an essay that you`re writing?

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Homework - Statistics 1.0: A useful tutorial for statistics homework help
Homework - Statistics 1.0

A useful tutorial, meant to provide guidance for statistics homework assignments

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Divmath for kids 10: Divmath kids math online game.
Divmath for kids 10

Divmath kids math online game. We`re here to help you with your Math Homework! If you`re having difficulties with a math problem, "Ask Us a Question". FREE MATH ON-LINE TUTORING SERVICES. Online math tutoring service designed primarily for preparation for the SAT. Includes e-mail help within 24 hours, interactive quizzes and games Free math lessons and math homework help from basic math to algebra, geometry and beyond. Online Solvers. Numbers, Gr

math, kids, divmath

3D Topicscape Student Edition 2.0: 3D concept maps / mindmaps tool. Fun study aid for homework & school research
3D Topicscape Student Edition 2.0

3D Topicscape SE is FREE software that can help you organize your notes and study material, have fun, and help your learning at the same time. Save Web pages in a background queue as you research. Organize your notes in 3D concept maps and mindmaps and find things quickly and easily. Import and export mindmaps to and from FreeMind. Export a text file or web page as the starting point for a homework report or term paper.

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